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HbbTV 2: Down with the language barriers

On television, language barriers are reconciled by translations or subtitles. Thanks to artificial intelligence, audio tracks can now even be converted into foreign languages largely automatically and with much less effort. New features co-developed by IRT make it possible to offer viewers individual language versions via the TV speakers or via smartphones and headphones. A …

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Next Generation Audio for smart speakers

“Hey Alexa/Siri/Google, change the program language to English and increase the dialogue level.” The widespread use of smart speakers offers a great potential for many Next Generation Audio (NGA)-related applications. Smart speakers by itself offer a broad set of possibilities to gain information or to interact with the voice assistant, but also to listen to …

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MediaRoad SkillBytes: exploring changing skill sets and career paths in today’s media technology environment

As part of the MediaRoad networking activities led by IRT, project partners EBU and BBC produced a podcast series about the transformation of the media technology environment and what this means in terms of professional journeys: jobs, skills, recruitment, training etc. In a series of experts’ interviews, the following question is addressed: which are the …

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Interoperability in all IP productions using SMPTE ST 2110

IP-based broadcast production has long been a hype. Now it is becoming a reality with more and more equipment on the market. But users need interoperable standardized products they can trust. So IRT’s goal is to support the broadcasting market to develop and offer such IP-based products. The technologies required for this, e.g. SMPTE ST …

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MediaRoad Sandbox Pitching Event in Munich

Late November 2018 around 60 innovation-enthusiasts from broadcasters and media companies were presented a showcase from the European Sandboxes and startups / intrapreneurs that collaborate in the Sandbox Hub of the European coordination and support project MediaRoad. In MediaRoad a Sandbox is a media innovation accelerator in which groundbreaking ideas can be tested and scaled. …

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