Dialog+ – End user tests

The improvement of speech intelligibility for broadcasting content has been an important aspect of IRT’s work for many years. Dialog+ is the name of an additional service with enhanced speech intelligibility that promises to at least improve the current situation.

To ensure that these developments are not only valid in a lab context, but also provide real improvements to actual end users and consumers of broadcasting content, extensive listening tests have been conducted.

The results clearly show that Dialog+ in fact constitutes a real advantage for a large part of the target audience. While this should only be seen as a first starting point for this kind of services and there is obviously always room for improvement, it is encouraging that this is a step in the right direction.

Further information about the listening tests and Dialog+ in general can be found here:

Detailed Dialog+ end user listening test report (PDF, german)

Dialog+ und Dialogseparation zur Verbesserung der Sprachverständlichkeit im Rundfunk (german) in FKT 11/2020

Speech intelligibility: Dialog+ via HbbTV 2

Demo Video: Dialog+ via HbbTV 2

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