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IRT & LMU Cooperation: Augmented Reality in the Broadcast World

The hype about Augmented Reality (AR) is slightly going down even though the advantages remain. Especially for broadcasters the advantages of AR can be used in a variety of domains, like material planning, broadcast production, graphic development and marketing. However, AR is still a new territory for editorial and production staff. We, at the IRT, …

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iOS Spectator View: AR in the TV production

Graphical visualization and 3D simulations in TV shows are well suited for explaining abstract concepts and progresses. Since the 1960s the blue/greenscreen-technique is used in German productions to add graphics. Within the last ten years many broadcasters used virtual studios for their production.  To escape the “green hell”, Augmented Reality (AR) has gotten more popular …

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Microsoft’s Spectator View in Broadcasting Production

Interactive 3D simulations are particularly well suited for explaining abstract concepts and processes in information programmes. However, the interaction with such objects is difficult in a conventional TV production, as the objects usually remain hidden from the presenter, for instance in a virtual studio. With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens, an augmented reality glasses, users …

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