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Next Generation Audio for Headphones – the Binaural NGA Renderer

In the course of the AES “Virtual Vienna” Convention 2020, the Binaural NGA Renderer, our binaural rendering addon for the EBU ADM Renderer, was released together with a corresponding paper. The Binaural NGA Renderer was released as an open source project and can be found at https://github.com/IRT-Open-Source/binaural_nga_renderer. The corresponding paper with the title “Optimized binaural rendering …

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Playback of 3D audio via headphones with the EBU ADM Renderer

Since the first release of the EBU ADM Renderer, the implementation of 3D audio via headphones through binaural technology has been a desired functionality. Binaural technology provides the ability to easily deliver three-dimensional, immersive content to the listener. All the listener needs for this is headphones. This makes it possible to listen to spatially demanding …

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